About High Springs 2040

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a local government’s blueprint for the future. Growth management legislation was passed in 1985 in response to Florida's commitment to provide the facilities and services that communities need to foster economic growth and preserve natural amenities. The importance of comprehensive planning cannot be overstressed, because it results in decisions regarding long-term issues such as environmental protection and economic development. Section 163.3177, F.S., requires that local government comprehensive plans provide the policy foundation for local planning and land use decisions on capital improvements, conservation, intergovernmental coordination, recreation, open space, future land use, housing, transportation, coastal management (where applicable) and public facilities (e.g. water, wastewater, stormwater drainage, and solid waste)

Why is the City updating its Comprehensive Plan?

The City is updating its Comprehensive Plan to account for changes which have occurred since the  last update, reflect changes in state law, and to comply with the requirement that the plan be updated every seven years. As the City grows and market conditions and preferences evolve, it is important that the City undertake this process to guide its growth through 2040.

Who will lead the Comprehensive Plan Update process?

City of High Springs staff and Kimley-Horn will be coordinating the Comprehensive Plan update process. Kimley-Horn will work hand in hand with City staff to complete this project. Input from residents, the business community, and other governmental agencies is essential to ensure the plan addresses current challenges and opportunities through updated goals, objectives, and policies

Where can I view the current Comprehensive Plan?

A copy of the current Comprehensive Plan is available for download on the Resources page of this website.

Will the public be involved in the process?

Yes! Public participation and engagement play important roles in establishing the content of a Comprehensive Plan because the use of this plan affects you. There are several ways that you can become a part of the process. You may call or e-mail City staff or Kimley-Horn staff or fill out the feedback form on the Get Involved page. We would also encourage you to attend the workshops, presentations and other public outreach opportunities to voice your opinion. Due to the effects the COVID-19 pandemic, some public participation activities may be ‘virtual’.  Please continue to visit this website for up-to-date information.

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